Bear & Bean is the creation of Lauren & Julian Sault and their family. Both Lauren and her husband Julian have years of experience in hospitality and the food industry. They have been around long enough to see what works and what doesn’t.

One night over dinner and a wine the decision was made to build a local family catering business with the vision to one day open their own cafe.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, Lauren’s brothers, Trav and Reece, decided to get on board and make Bear & Bean a true family affair. Every one of Bear & Bean’s owners brings a different skill and experience which also allows them to share the workload.

Bear & Bean is owned and run by: Lauren & Julian Sault. Emerly & Reece Beckley. Trav & Kaela Beckley.


Below is a short interview with Lauren.

When did your passion for food begin and what kick started it?

My passion for food really began when I had my kids. I had more time to think about what we were eating as a family and time to source the ingredients I wanted. Staying home with the kids, sometimes the most relaxing part of the day was dinner time, so I tried really hard to make it as enjoyable as possible. As the kids got older, I enjoyed cooking for other people, dinner parties and began catering small parties.

Give us one recipe that you love at the moment.

My favourite all time thing to cook is a Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder. I have done this for just my kids and husband, which leaves enough yummy lamb for leftovers, or it is great as a dinner party. I serve it with flatbreads, roast vegetables, salsa verde and a tahini yoghurt dressing. I love the idea of people becoming involved in what they are eating, so serving food in the middle of the table creates a really lively, animated eating experience. I much prefer rustic dining to fine dining. I have cooked this dish for a function of over 60 people.

What is your fail proof recipe that is sure to please hungry guests at a party?

I think it has to be my Cheese Boards. I think it creates such a talking point, and people can always help themselves to food when they want. The worst thing about being at a party with canapés is that you often miss out when wait staff buzz past, and often leave those functions hungry. With my Cheese Boards people can help themselves when they like, as often as they like and there is always something on there to please everyone. Team this with a few sweet canapés and everyone is happy!

Who do you look to for inspiration?

There is no one person I look to for inspiration, it is more of a food ideology. I think it is important to use ingredients as close to the source as possible. I love it when I can cook a meal and most of the ingredients come from my vegie patch. I love discovering new local producers and think it is important to support them.

What type of functions do you love to cater most?

I love to cater for a function where people are having a good time, and the food is matched with, and heightens the atmosphere. A sumptuous feast of slow cooked lamb and vegetables being shared over a candle lit table with conversation and laughter. A party where guests can graze over a cheeseboard and grab a bite size lemon curd tart or rosewater meringue before hitting the dance floor.