Bear & Bean started out as a catering business, with a focus on catering for small to medium sized functions, corporate lunches and special occasions. The vision was always to open a cafe.

Bear & Bean has a focus on good coffee, healthy food options, variety, and meets lots of dietary requirements such as vegan, low fodmap and gluten free. We are passionate about supplying great food, in a casual, friendly environment with a particular focus on excellent customer service.

Location & Parking:

The cafe is conveniently located in the Little Ryrie Street Car Park, in Geelong. The car park has 6 free 15min car parks for those just wanting to quickly grab a takeaway, the remaining parks have a 4 hour limit. As is the case everywhere in Geelong, parking is free on weekends and public holidays.


Being in the centre of Geelong, Bear & Bean is conveniently located for many workers in the CBD. We realise that many people only get short lunch breaks and therefore value their time and don’t necessarily want to spend all their break standing in a queue to get their lunch.

This is why we have teamed up with another local Geelong business called Menuhub. Menuhub is an app that allows you to order your coffee and food online. As soon as an order is received we send back a notification with the estimated pick up time.

So far, lots of workers are utilising this technology and enjoying the convenience of ordering their lunch from their desk, then wandering down to the cafe and picking up their order straight away, no matter how busy the cafe is.

You can download the app here:




Bear & Bean is located in the back part of the old Jarman Bros Sports Store. When we stumbled across this space, it needed a lot of tender loving care. But with the exposed brick, concrete floor and old timber trusses we knew it would be worth the effort. 

The plan was to create a space that kept the integrity of the old building, whist adding some of our own touches to bring the old space back to life. One such feature is the ceiling. We put timber panelling on the ceiling to conceal the insulation, but decided it needed to be a feature. So, after much deliberation we decided to ‘doodle’ all over the ceiling using white paint pens. This became a painstaking task which literally took months to complete, but we are stoked with the outcome. It has become a real talking point for our customers, and the kids love trying to find “Where’s Wally” who is hiding up there somewhere!!

Child / Pram Friendly


Having young families ourselves we know the struggles of trying to go out for coffee with young kids and prams. From the very first moment we decided to open our cafe we decided it needed to be pram friendly, with a baby change table, lots of space and an activity area for kids. 

We have successfully stayed true to that plan. We installed double doors, removed any steps, and provided a change table, multiple high chairs and a black board with chalk that the kids can play with. It’s been a real hit!!