Our Famous Cheeseboards.

Before we opened Bear & Bean cafe, our catering business quickly became famous for our “cheeseboards”. The idea for these extravagant platters (with all the good stuff 😉 ) was simply based on how we as a family like to eat when we all catch up. We like to graze on good quality food, including cheese, cold meats, fresh fruits, dips and of course chocolate… and more often than not with a wine in hand!!

We decided to offer this to our customers on a large scale, so it becomes a “wow” factor and a centre-piece to the party, offering a diverse range of food that caters for everyone.

We believe the key to a good cheeseboard is using high quality produce which we source locally as much as we can. We know our customers appreciate the effort to ensure the food is not only delicious, but also of the highest quality!!

We offer our cheeseboard for functions at Bear & Bean as well as at off-site catering events. We have several sizes and options and can cater for all dietary requirements. 

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